Retirement Care
We understand that your horse is not just a horse to you, but a life-long companion and part of your family. Therefore, we offer a rather unique service for your older friend: retirement farming. We specialize in making the "Golden Years" of your horse's life the happiest.

Looking for that perfect place for your retired friend? What about a life surrounded by green grass, a huge lake, nice shady areas, and many other retired friends? Sound too good to be true? It isn't!

Our horses receive all this and more. Whether retired due to age or injury, IDF can provide your friend with the perfect retirement environment. Unlike many other retirement farms where your horse may live in a pasture with little care, our horses are handled, examined and grained twice a day. This give our staff a better opportunity to monitor your horse's health status and detect slight changes. Generally speaking, older horses require more food and care than the average age horse. It is very important that they maintain their weight as it is more difficult to get them back into condition once weight is lost. In addition, scheduling and handling of your horse for farrier and veterinary visits^ are handled by qualified staff members. This is all a part of the retirement care program and there are no additional charges for these services.


Your horse will spend all day grazing on acres of lush grass, and romping merrily with his "retired" friends:

Features Include:

* Horses grained 2x daily

* Mineral blocks provided

* Horses closely monitored

* Scheduling and handling of your horse for farrier and veterinary visits^ are handled at no additional charge

* Loafing sheds and/or shade areas in pastures

* Large lake with occasional ducks/geese

* Automatic waterers to provide fresh water at all times

* Retirement Care Plus Service available

^ Farm recommended vet and farrier
If you have any further questions regarding Retirement Care Services, please contact us.
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