Registration Form - Summer Camp

2009 Summer Camp Registration

Childs Name:


Birthday: month day year

Riding Experience: refer to definitions for proper selection No Experience Beginner Intermediate Advanced

Rider is proficient at:

Rider needs work on:

T-shirt size: (select one) Small Medium Large X-Large

Payment: (please select one)

I am enclosing a check to cover total amount due ($350 day/$495 Full)

I am enclosing my non-refundable $100 deposit for each camp I am registering for. Please hold the above session(s) for my child. I will submit the remainder due before the appropriate deadline (June 8).

I have worked out payment plans with you and am enclosing my first payment of and will be making payments for months.

I am registering after the deadline of June 8. I am enclosing a check to cover the total amount due + late fee ($400 day/ $545 full)

Additional Comments:

Parents Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________

Necessary Phone Numbers:

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