Convalescent Care

* Vet lay-ups

* After surgery care

* Performance related injuries

*Equine recuperation


Impossible Dream Farm offers a wide range of services from simple stall rest to therapeutic measures and conditioning to 24 hour monitoring of a post-surgical patient.

*Peaceful, quiet environment to help relieve stress and speed recovery

* Best of care; scheduled veterinary and farrier visits; no additional charge for handling of horse during scheduled visits

* Medicines/therapy administered by caring, qualified staff

*Clean living environment

*Customized feeding; special feeds/mashes & supplements to return your horse to their full potential

*Turnout available; located on 60 beautiful, lush, cross-fenced acres

*Transportation services available for your convenience


The Show Horse

Although our farm specializes in the patient who requires rehabilitation services, we also have owners who send their horses to us merely to rest during showing "off-season". Since showing can place a lot of stress and strain on a good performance horse, much as it can professional athletes, horses need certain "resting periods". Removing show shoes to allow the horse's feet to rest, and turning the horse out into a safe, cross-fenced area for several hours during the day can do wonders for the show horse. This not only provides physical relaxation, but mental as well which can be just as important. Many trainers recommend doing this every winter after the last show. Owners usually place their horse back into training a month or two before the first show. This provides adequate time to replace shoes and get the horse "legged up". Many times owners can immediately see a difference in their horse. The horse starts out fresher with improved performance, rested and ready to jump into another season of shows with renewed vigor.

If you have any further questions regarding our convalescent care options, please contact us.
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