Academy Program

Showing can be an important part of a student's total riding experience. It not only encourages increased skill learning and coordination, but also promotes self-worth, increases self confidence, teaches responsibilty and self ownership and encourages goal setting. It helps to provide the student with an environment with which to "try out" their acquired skills. It is also a great place to meet new friends who share common interests, while cheering on fellow classmates.

To help make showing possible for everyone, IDF offers an academy program. This is an opportunity to begin showing and is made available to both adult and juvenile riders who are enrolled in our riding lesson program.The academy program provides a means for student equestrians, learning to ride, to compete in shows with other students of the same age and skill level.

In addition, the academy program offers the student a way to show horses without the expense of owning a horse. Lesson horses are made available to "lease" for the show. In this way, showing is possible while the student is still learning the basics of riding and may not be ready to make the financial commitment of purchasing a horse.

Lastly, full riding suits are prohibited in academy classes, hence students need not worry about acquiring costly clothing. Simple jodhpurs, boots, and gloves will suffice. Safety helmets are also acceptable attire.

Some of the IDF students accepting their year-end awards.


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